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2018 Confirmation Class:

2018 Tri Parish Confirmation Class in alphabetic order: Cassandra Bauer, Alexandra Bohl, Jacob Brochman, Hayden Johnson, Cade Kasel, Terrance Kuhn, Lauryn Lockhart, Isabella Makowske, Joseph Nauer, Adam Neisen, Alec Otte, Andrew Reinardy, David Shay, Eva Storkamp, Christian Strommen, Shawn Thorkildson.


The sacrament of Confirmation more perfectly binds the baptized to the Church and enriches them with a special strength of the Holy Spirit. Armed with this new strength, they are obliged to spread and defend the faith by word and deed.

For more details, see the Catechism of the Catholic Church, starting at 1285 to 1321.


Confirmation will be celebrated at location listed on schedule. See link below.

Confirmation class:
Required: if not in actual class need to attend required events on criteria sheet linked to below.
Time: Part of the 10th grade Faith Formation class at the Church.

Confirmation preparation (coming soon)
Confirmation data sheet
Confirmation sponsor eligibility


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